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You are probably here because you are new and want some advice on how to start your account properly in the mobile game Valkyrie Connect. So here, I have prepared a guide for starters on this very game itself! Before I start on the guide itself, you should probably know the background of this mobile game first.

Valkyrie Connect is a semi auto strategy RPG with elements of Norse Mythology that allows you to take semi-control of 5 units into battle. What I meant by Semi-control is that you don’t control the normal attack that your characters do. Instead they auto-attack the enemy depending on their speed, which is maintained via Level, Gear, and upgrades. You are probably confused at this point, so to simplify, you control your characters Skills and not the normal attacks.

Now Long story short. Let us start you off with some tips and guides on how to be a better player in Valkyrie Connect.


Re-rolling is quite an important aspect in this very game as you will either get a lousy or a desirable 3-star character for free. At this point, Freya is the most prominent and desirable hero that you should get from re-rolling. So how do you re-roll? Here are the steps:

  1. Start the game and do not link any accounts.
  2. Get your starter 3 units and see if Freya or other desirable units that you prefer is inside (3-star)
  3. Play tutorial/chapter 1 until you get 1500 gems for the beginner 10 roll.
  4. If you get Thor, Heimdall, Freya, then awesome you can continue playing without restarting if not follow Step 5.
  5. (Android) Clear app data.
  6. (iOS) Uninstall and reinstall, choose not to reuse game data.
  7. repeat Step 1.

Once you are happy with your roll, be sure to link an account and upload your data so you don’t lose anything! You can find it under Options> Upload Data> authorize with Facebook or whichever you like.

Valkyrie Connect Starter heroes


The Real Test Begins here

Your game officially begins when you have successfully get your desirable heroes, now it’s time to bash the quests and level up! You will start asking yourself what heroes should you have or should you go for? Let me give you a good answer, you will need more than 5 heroes. In fact, towards the end-game, you will need as many heroes as you can get so you can switch out formations to get the optimal effects in the Arena and Grand Arena.

Let’s not complicate things here for you.

Beginner Setup:

Your party of 5 should consist of at least a tank such as Heimdall. Behind him you can have another Melee, 2 Mages and a Range hero. the other 4 heroes are basically up to your own imagination as well as your arsenal. All heroes are pretty much equals in terms of PVE. As long as they are upgraded and have good gears, you can take own PVE stages easily.

The current meta for early game heroes formations are : Thunder God Thor, Lady Freya, Witch Gullveig, and Guardian God Heimdall.
Even if you have this heroes, it doesn’t mean you will breeze through the stages easily. As I’ve mentioned Upgrading (stars and orbs frame) as well as Gears are important to zoom past PVE stages.

Spending Diamonds

Valkyrie Connect is pretty generous with diamonds so you can be F2P and yet get diamonds from the game itself. you may of course Pay to get diamonds as well to advance faster in the game. But how should you spend your diamonds?

The best way to spend them if you don’t plan to invest in this mobile game, is to use them for summons. Discounted summons such as the first step of the Beginner Support Summon and summons that offer exclusive heroes like Star Party are probably your best options.

If you plan to invest a little cash into the game, 30 day passes for Stamina is most likely a must-get for you. 30 days of 300 energies per day racks up to 9,000 energies (5000 diamonds worth), that is what you call worth for money.

If you plan to invest a lot, 30-day stamina pass is still worth it. You may also look out for different packages that will appear during stipulated event times.

How to gear up?

You are going to ask yourself a little later, where do people get their character’s gear? Simple you summon them.

If you don’t pay to play, you can simply use Mana-Summon for gears. Of course they are basic gears, but they do include good weapons and armors such as Mjolnir for Thor, Seid Rod for Gullverg, etc.
For a better Version know as Mjolnir X or Seid Rod X, only Diamond summon will give you those (Well you get free diamonds along the way). IT is advisable that you have both and equip both Mjolnir and Mjolnir X for example.

Other than these super gears, Mana-Summon gives you normal gears that you can stack them up to upgrade from 1-star to 5-star such as Wind Earrings and Warrior Ring.


Some equipment gives your character skills or abilities that boosts them. Warrior Rings increases your characters Attack and can be upgraded when the Skill levels goes up, more Attack % will go onto your character. These Attack % stacks, so you can equip 2 Warrior Rings and have the Attack % stacked up.

double Warrior Ring Valkyrie Connect



I hope you are reading this! Because this is probably the most important tip of all!

This is probably one of the most important tip you will get! Connect is VERY important for you to earn tokens so that you can exchange it with trader for better gears such as Bangle of Defense/faith/wisdom/attack.

Valkyrie Connect Connect ListConnect can be done for free without energy cost (If you are not the host)! But of course they only provide you tokens and not EXPs.
You will often see a little red helmet looking icon on the bottom left hand side, That is Connect that you can join in.
Otherwise, you may find Connect lists in the communication tab.

Other than tokens, it also gives you shard of the certain character that you fight. For example, if you are fighting Vidofnir, there’s a chance you will get a Vidofnir Shard from the connect.





I hope that this little piece of guide and tips will bring you to new heights in Valkyrie Connect! Stay tune for more detailed oriented guide on specific events.

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