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Valkyrie Connect Guild Battle

The latest update on content in Valkyrie Connect is the Guild Battle. Guild battle is where the members of the guild will have the chance to plan, communicate, and execute their battle formation in Valkyrie Connect. The initiation of the guild battle still follows the hierarchy though, such as only Jarl or Co-Jarl can select who they will fight against.

In this guide, the basic information, Attacking, Defending rules and protocols as well as rewards will be covered.


Valkyrie Connect Guild War Declaration

  • Jarl or Co-Jarl can select an opponent guild from a selection of roughly about 6-9 guilds that are similar to your rank.
    • Choosing an opponent is exactly like Arena, you can refresh the selection of 3 guilds, and then declare war upon them once you have chosen who you want to fight against.
  • Push Notifications specifically for Guild Battles can be enabled in the options menu.
  • Action Points” are basically Stamina, gating how much you can do at any specific time.
  • Skill Points“, used to activate Support Skills are rewarded from gaining guild exp.
  • A Guild Battle will last 20-hour


Guild Battle (Attacking)

Valkyrie connect PAth

  • There are 3 paths to the enemy Guild Crystal (the end). Each path has 10 battles, followed by all paths converging on the Guild Crystal.
  • At the very start — you can only see the first few battles of each path. The rest is hidden in fog-of-war.
  • You are not locked into a path after clearing the first battle. Other paths can be attempted.
  • Once a hero has been used in a battle, they cannot be used again, unless the “Recover” Support Skill is used.
  • A battle must be finished before moving on.
    • The damage already dealt between battles does not recover.(similar to Valhalla Onslaught)
  • Each member is free to attack whichever battle they want. Communication within the guild will be important to maximize the strategy to victory!
  • If the Guild Battle is too difficult, the Jarl or Co-Jarl can choose to “give up”.

Each battle can either be:

  1. A Wall. Individual heroes are used to attack this battle one by one dealing damage.
  2. An enemy player battle. Standard Arena style combat.

There are 8 types of Walls:

  1. Life Wall: The higher a hero’s HP, the more damage dealt.
  2. Physical Wall: The higher a hero’s DEF & ATK, the more damage dealt.
  3. Magical Wall: The higher a hero’s MDEF & MATK, the more damage dealt.
  4. Evasion Wall: The higher a hero’s SPD, EVA & ACC, the more damage dealt.
  5. Grey Wall: Heroes who are Grey-Frame and above deal more damage.
  6. Green Wall: Heroes who are Green-Frame and above deal more damage.
  7. Blue Wall: Heroes who are Blue-Frame and above deal more damage.
  8. Purple Wall: Heroes who are Purple-Frame deal more damage.

The Guild Crystal is similar to Walls

  • The Crystal attacks by copying the ATTACKING hero’s EQP skills.
    • It’s damage is determined by the 3 day Guild EXP total.
  • The Crystal’s race is Beast!
  • The Crystal’s HP is determined by the Guild’s Guild Battle Ranking

Rank D: 300,000 HP
Rank C: 1,000,000HP
Rank B: 1,500,000HP
Rank A: 2,000,000 HP
Rank S: Unknown as of yet


There are 3 Support Skills

  1. Hero Recovery. Recover and Revive all Heroes. 200 Skill Points.
  2. Action Point Recovery. Recover 1 action point and lowers each member’s Action Point recovery time by 1 minute. 100 Skill Points
  3. Throw Stone. Deals fixed damage to the selected battle. 20 Skill Points


Guild Battle (Defending)

  • Guild path line can be pre-set to ensure an optimal defensive path against opposition guilds.
  • Jarl or Co-Jarl set-up the battles.
    • Only either the Jarl or Co-Jarl (1 person at a time) can be setting up the field.

Guild Level determines defense bonuses:

  1. +% Stats for all heroes
  2. Improved Walls
  3. Higher stats for Jarl and Co-Jarl heroes.

Example: Jarl receives 50% stats bonuses, while Co-Jarl 40%, guild 30% Additional Purple Wall.


Valkyrie Connect Rank Reward


  • Rank is determined by accumulated Ranking Points.
    • If your guild rank is B or lower, every time your guild wins a guild battle (either attacking or defending against another guild), your guild receives 30 Ranking Points
    • If your guild rank is A or higher, the amount of Ranking Points gained by winning a guild battle seems to vary based on the strength of opponent
  • Point loss starts during Rank A.
    • It’s possible to be pushed out of Rank A back to Rank B.

Ranking points are as follows for the various ranks:
Rank D: 0
Rank C: 30
Rank B: 90
Rank A: 240
Rank S:Unknown, could be based on scaling


Guild Battle will reward the guild members with the reward that they deserved for the tough battle they fought! The reward such as LGT, can be exchanged for awesome weapons for your heroes.

  • GT = Guild Token
  • LGT = Legendary Guild Token

Valkyrie Connect Guild Battle Legendary Token Reward Item

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  • bran#1

    July 31, 2017

    The guild battles on this game really need some work because my guild is level 12 and we are being matched with guilds no less than 18 (1 guild) and the rest of them are 20. This is not balance at all as we are trying to build the people in the guild and we are not on the same level yet as people in level 20 guilds. Also the dodging is ridiculous for that crystal.


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