War of Crown Close Beta 28/09 – 02/10 2016


War of Crown


Developed by Gamevil and currently opened for close beta play on the 28th September to 2nd October 2016. All fans who have pre-registered for the game will now be able to download the app via the Google app store.

War of Crown

War of Crown is a turn-base strategy battle game where the story. The battle format is a grid base movement, where you can move between a certain grid within the character radius in which every character would have their movement, and attack range which you can view just by holding the hero.

The story begins with the adventure of Eshirite, who was prophesied to be the child of destiny to stop the war once and for all between the Virtue and the Sins who was trying to resurrect their fallen leader Pia.

Will you restore peace as Eshirite?


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