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(Source: War Pirates Global)

Ahoy matey! Are you ready for become extraordinary pirate just like Blackbeard?! Then War Pirates is the game for you! YARRRRRHH~

War Pirates is a pirate themed adventure game that is available for both android and iOS in the near future!  Developed by Sega and published by GoGame, War Pirates will take you on an adventure in the sea, also with a mix of base building features as well as real-time sea combat!

Pre-registration for War Pirates is already up! Simply following the link here!
With this Pre-registration you will receive a gift code for a 5-star Alice!

Who is Alice? Don’t you worry, War Pirates have already had an introduction of Alice prepared for you!


(Source: War Pirates Global)

What are you waiting for?! Let’s set sail on an adventure like never before!

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