Z Buster – Proof yourself as a marksmen in this zombie shooter game



Z Buster

 Survives waves of zombie hordes coming at you with the weapon of destruction in Z Buster. From rifles to laser guns take your pick and mash the zombies with your projectiles in order to survive. Z Buster, is the latest static first person shooter mobile game developed and published by isTom Games. The game is currently available worldwide on both Apple iTune Store and Google Play Store for download. Make sure you have some defibrillator with you too!

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We would rate this game as a casual shooter game that is suitable for all ages whether you are just waiting for time or wants to de-stress by shooting some zombies. Zombies fanatics could perhaps get a different view point on this very game as zombies in Z Buster. Did we mention a bunch of dancing zombies?

Z Buster Dancing Zombies Gamersaur



You will be a survivor in this static shooter game that is protecting a zombie cure day by day. Shooting from a first person shooter mode, you can choose your favorite loadout of weapons to obliterate the zombie hordes coming at you. Overall your aim is simple, the rule is Survive and Kill Zombies. Protect the cure as you get power ups abilities to be used day by day. Earn your hilarious military ranks and compete with your friends for the top spot in the leader board.

Some tips for you about the zombies that you will be encounter in Z Buster. They become aggressive over time and will react to what you are doing. By hitting them, you will naturally draw aggro from the zombies. So much reals here! Definitely look left and right in case some zombies decide to ninja ambush you from the sides. Avoid using slow time like it’s free. Keep it filled up for hard situations that you might face. Upgrade your weapons so that you can maximize your damage output so you can take down zombies fast enough. Last but not least, Have fun!


  • Gorgeous cartoon visuals
  • Magnificently animated characters
  • Smooth and addictive gameplay
  • Great weapons of choice
  • Simple and intuitive upgrade system
  • Full retina display support
  • Google Play support


Download Links: 
Apple iTunes Store
Google Play Store

isTom Games was established in 2009 to develop high-quality iOS / iPhone applications. The rough start-up was counterbalanced by our perseverance and conviction that we will be able to achieve our goals. The success of the past few years has proven that people have grown fond of our games. Nowadays isTom Games counts as one of the most highly acknowledged Hungarian developers for iPhone games. Over 5,000,000 people world-wide have chosen our games. Having achieved our goals, we set new targets including publishing.

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