Zombie Anarchy is now live and available globally


Following the new season of The walking dead season 7 and the Halloween that is just around the corner. The previously mentioned game has now been launched worldwide! Published by Gameloft, Zombie Anarchy is a post-apocalyptic strategy MMO that features the undeads. Yes you will be fighting for survival against the undead, as well as surviving from other human attacks on your base for resources.

As per usual, Zombie Anarchy is Free to play, but also includes In-app purchases where you can use your cash to buy. Collect survivors and build your base up in order to survive the world of the foul walking flesh.

The game will have both PVE and PVP content available for you to play such as campaigns where you will be killing off zombies with your heroes that has various skills. Hunt down player’s base and obtain resources from their secured precinct.

Are you ready for the journey in this post-apocalyptic world? The game is available on both iOS and Android.

Download links available below

iOs download link

Android download link

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