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Top 5 Best Mobile Games by Gamersaur

2016 has been a pleasant surprise for all of us Mobile Gamers out there. With awesome game releases and new tech coming into mobile gaming, new features are constantly introduced into mobile games and bringing it to new heights. Retro-games such as Super Mario Run and indie-developed games has also been wonderful thus far since Mobile Gamers consists of various group-types.
2017 will no doubt be even more awesome with the upcoming new mobile titles that are slated for release using the latest game techs such as Age of Wushu 2 3D. Other than that, PC Games has also been seen moving and porting into Mobile devices such as Tree of Saviors mobile, or Icarus-M. 
We do hope that 2017 brings us more joy in mobile gaming. Here are the 5 best mobile games that we think is the best in 2016 with no rank order!


Final Fantasy IX

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Being one of the most popular Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy 9 Mobile best mobile gameshas made it to your mobile devices! This is the 2nd series that was ported over to the Mobile platform since last year’s Final Fantasy 7. Although you might be expecting Final Fantasy 8 instead, 9 definitely brings back a lot of memories as well. Being 1 of the more unique in the series, FF9 sets in a more medieval period where machine guns weren’t actually in the game. Instead Daggers (oops definitely reminds us of Princess Garnet!) and Swords are all you need in this popular series along with awesome-ness soundtrack and memorable characters just like Princess Garnet and Zidane! The port was done by Silicon Studios and is easily 1 of the best work on the mobile platform. Final Fantasy 9 definitely top as 1 of the best mobile games easily.


Clash Royale

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Clash Royale best mobile games

Yet another of Supercell big hit, and with the characters off from Clash of Clans. The game effectively rewrote the success of mobile gaming. Clash Royale, the real-time player versus player card battler was simply on the top grossing list since released. With it, Supercell demonstrates the ever-growing updates along with the mobile game. Clash Royale was made playable regardless if you were a Free player or Player who purchase in-app purchases. If you aren’t playing Clash Royale yet, you are definitely missing out some fun there.


Valiant Force

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Valiant Force best mobile gamesReleased by Singapore developer XIIBraves, Valiant Force is a turn-base grid style battler which was just launched in November 1st 2016. Being a relatively new game this year and only released to the APAC region currently.  Armed with wonderful voice actors and beautiful illustrations, the game has won the hearts of many in the APAC region. Valiant Force has been one of the successful hit on mobile for a Singapore developed mobile app. The game continues to grow and hope to expand the game to other regions in 2017. The game play is simply unique and Gamersaur is definitely stuck onto this game as well! You can find various guides on our website as we dive deeper into this awesome game!


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Mobile Legends Bang BangWe can’t say bye to 2016 without a MOBA game! MOBA has been popularly trending this year on mobile devices and we definitely can’t miss one out on our best mobile games listing. Coming off this year’s list would be Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which was released by Moonton. Having optimally infused MOBA elements with the mobile game controls along with over 2 million fans on their Facebook page, We can’t deny that this is probably one of the best mobile MOBA out there other than vainglory (released in 2014). They definitely deserve 1 spot on the list! If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should! The game is also constantly updating with new contents as well as optimized user interface to perfect MOBA on Mobile.


Pokemon Go

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Pokemon GoIt wasn’t just a game, it became a trend and culture! Released this year, Pokemon Go was simply overwhelmed with new players and fans of Pokemon. This GPS-based game had people moving their butt out from their home and basically spending hours on the greens just to catch Pokemon! Some even went to the extent of travelling to countries with region-exclusive Pokemon all over the planet just to capture the unique Pokemon. Niantic Lab definitely did it right, and has been consistently improving and updating the game with updates as well. Although you might see the decrease of mobs running around catching Dragonites. Players are still around playing the game and fighting the gyms! This is a very unique game in mobile gaming history since the use of GPS has not been widely used. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should!


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