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Mobile Legends: Dummies guide to knowing what heroes to use!

So Mobile Legends:Bang Bang is basically a Mobile MOBA game that you can enjoy on your mobile devices, both on the iOS and Android.

If you haven’t experienced what a MOBA is, Mobile Legends will definitely show you what it is like right on your small pocket screen! Being able to play a MOBA definitely is a great joy for players who love playing such genre. As the big hit on the PC platform, Dota 2 and League of Legends have definitely made their name known to most. Following by Vainglory and Mobile Legends on your mobile screens.

Today, we are definitely not here to talk about how famous each and every of this MOBA is. But instead, if you haven’t played MOBA before, and is thinking about trying it out. Mobile Legends is definitely one of the mobile game that you should try.

In this Article, Gamersaur presents to you… Dummies Guide to Mobile Legend!


What exactly is a MOBA on Mobile?

MOBA is simple, Win the game by taking down your opponent’s Throne. Easier said than done!
Well, you will be playing in a team of 5 in Mobile legends, along with 3 Towers at each lane( There are 3 Lanes). Taking advantage of the field is important as it might just turn the game around for either of the team. Strategy and Co-operation is important too. You can’t win the game alone! It may be a tough battle ahead of you if 4 of your team mates are AFKing or doing something ridiculously stupid! (oops).

To sum MOBA up, it is a very straight forward, ‘Work with your team mate and destroy your opponent thrones’ game!


Knowing your Heroes

It is important that you know what you are doing in a MOBA game, IT all begins the moment you choose your heroes that you are going to be using on the field. So let us teach you some of the MOBA basics in Mobile Legends.
Mobile Legends actually made it simpler for players to understand that each heroes has their roles to play in the game. The format was set up so that you know which heroes is a Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Support, Tank, and Marksman.

You are probably still going to be clueless when I tell you the types of heroes there are in the game.Let’s look at it on a more general MOBA term.
Basically you will be controlling a Hero that you can select out of the many different selections.

In a MOBA game, There will be what you call Carries, Support, Inits, Tanks, Junglers. And we will gladly explain it to you. (The information will probably help you in other moba games too!)

Carry: A Carry is basically a hero that is adept in player-focused attacks. Their base stats ability armed with the right gear will be able to bring the game to victory. It is definitely essential to have such heroes on the field in order to strive and achieve a victory. These heroes take down their opponent or even towers so fast you might not even have the time to blink your eyes before your heroes dies to them!

Notable Carry Heroes: Yun Zhao, Chou, Layla, Miya, Clint, Natalia


Tank: A tank is usually a very durable hero that is able to withstand high amount of damage in order for the team to attack or counter attack. If you are very efficient at tapping fast or have really good latency. You probably would be godly as not to die to any opponents.

Notable Tanks Heroes: Akai, Franco, Minotaur, Lolita


Inits: Also known fully as the Initiators, are usually a mix of Tanks and carries but on a very different scales. They open up the battlefield for you and might usually be the first to be sacrificed in the team. However, Inits are really very flexible depending on how you actually play them. It all boils down to your skills and techniques. Inits are usually good commanders (Ahem, There are really a lot of NOT SO good ‘commanders’ in MOBA, so be weary of that!) Springing into the battlefield with Heavy armors to sustain damage over time as well as to have good CC (Crowd Control) skills such as stuns and etcetera. You might not want to try this if you are still new to the game!

Notable Initiators Heroes: Freya, Balmond, Tigreal, Alucard, Akai, Minotaur, Natalia

Once again, Inits are really flexible in the gameplay, you may see Natalia for example as a initiator because of her CC skills, However you can also play Natalia as a Carry hero as well. infact when you are good enough, you are basically both. This would usually require good knowledge and strategy. Because if you initiate without knowing a lot of knowledge and just plunge in, it is highly possible the whole team will suffer and die with you.


Support: As simple as the role sounds, you basically support your team with your skills, be it CC, or heals. You are purely helping your team to sustain against the opponents. Sometimes a Support can save the whole team of 5 and turn the game around as well. So never think lightly of what a Support can do.

Notable Support Heroes: Nana, Rafaela


Mobile Legends Jungling

Junglers: These are heroes that can farm the jungle NCS (Neutral Creeps) in the early game. They are basically
taking in experience to level up from the jungle and giving the lane heroes more space to get more experience as well. The Junglers must be able to sustain the damage from the NCs in order to efficiently make use of the battlefield. They are also one of the few game changers in the early game for experience play.

Notable Jungle Heroes: Chou, Fanny, Yun Zhao


My final advices to you guys, what heroes you choose will affect your gameplay, TEAMWORK is the utmost important skill that you should have in any of the matches. If you fail teamwork, you basically fail to win the match.

This is just the beginning of the Mobile Legends Guide, stay tune as we prepare more in depth notes for you to improve on your games!

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