NTales: Child of Destiny (IOS / ANDROID) recreates classic 2D RPG MMORPG set for Soft Launch September 2017 in SEA and Australia!


A fusion between Gravity’s RO Online (Ragnarok Online) and Gamevil’s Zenonia’s quest, NTales: Child of Destiny reinvents the nostalgic 2D hack and slash experience. The game follows a linear story line with hero class variety (warrior, cleric or magician), allowing customization builds for player’s preference.

The Summon Pets feature allows players to bring cute companions on their adventure, as well as unlock a variety of game modes – Boss Dungeon, Infinity Dungeon, PvE and PvP. Apart from sub-quests to keep players occupied, NTales added MMO features such as collaborative Raid Parties, Guild Wars and also PvP to instill a competitive gaming environment.

Ntales is published by OnPlay Corp, a Philippine-based game publisher that has first brought Rogue Life into Philippines’ shore and developed by Rulemakr.


NTales Event at Glance

NTales: Child of Destiny is opening its Soft Launch with easy and social events.
Take home the Legacy Pack worth over 100 USD by participating on NTale’s Soft Launch!

[Event.1] Soft Launch Legacy Pack!
[Event.2] Facebook Milestone
[Event.3] Choose your Class!
[Event.4] Find the NPC
[Event.5] Like and Share NTales!
[Event.6] Review Rewards
[Event.7] My NTales Survey

The 2D Game will be available on Google Play Store & App Store this September. Check out their Facebook page for the soft launch event for their legacy pack worth up to 100 USD!


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