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When it comes to stats, everyone will be asking what is the best and what is the optimal stats to build?
Till date, Stats are still explore-able and has could have effects in future patches that might alter the game.
you might want to consider some of this path:

Swordsman: Pure Str, 5 str:1 Agi, 4Str:2 Dex
Archer: Pure Dex, 5dex:1agi 4dex:2str
Magician: Pure Int, 5int:1sta 4int:2sta

You might ask why build pure or why this ratio. In Idle Poring, there is other things more than stats, for example Gem or Pets that can affect your attributes and stats. You could pump full dex on your archer, and also use Str/agi gems to make up for the additional other off stats that you want to build your character towards to. Additionally, Pets can boost your atk or hp, etc depending on which pets you use.

There is no right or wrong build to build your character but you must know what you are putting the stats into.
Note that you can get attribute reset in the game. (the little deviruchi contract)

So Let’s take a look at the stats table for each class:
STR: Atk+4 HP+2 SP+2
AGI: HP+12 Attack Speed +2 Eva+2
STA: HP+16 DEF+2 Mdef+2
INT: HP+8 SP+8 Def+2 Mdef+2
DEX: HP+8 SP+8 Def+2 Mdef+2
LUK: HP+10 Hit+2 Crit+2 Tenacity+2

STR: HP+8 SP+8 Def+2 Mdef+2
: HP+12 Attack Speed +2 Eva+2
STA: HP+16 DEF+2 Mdef+2
INT: HP+8 SP+8 Def+2 Mdef+2
DEX: Atk+4 HP+2 SP+2
LUK: HP+10 Hit+2 Crit+2 Tenacity+2

HP+8 SP+8 Def+2 Mdef+2
HP+12 Attack Speed +2 Eva+2
HP+16 DEF+2 Mdef+2
 Matk+4 HP+2 SP+2
HP+8 SP+8 Def+2 Mdef+2
HP+10 Hit+2 Crit+2 Tenacity+2

Obtaining Pets

Pets are obtained by collecting pieces via Maps call raids (City → Map) or Mall (City → Store → Pet)

  • Each Pet has different passive stats that improve your character.
  • It’s efficient to focus on one pet at a time. To do so, go to Pet → Grimoire → View (a specific Pet) → Source.
    • If the Pet is obtainable via Battle → Map, you’ll get an option “To Obtain” and you can sweep the map (up to 3 free attempts per day). If you have not unlocked the Map yet, the button will be grayed out (locked).
    • If the Pet is obtainable via Store, you will need to take your chances with the City → Store → Pet.

Here are some pets you might want to get along the way (will be updated)

Archer & Swordsman :Deniro, Steam Goblin, Angeling
Magician: Jakk, Steam Goblin, Angeling

Obtaining Honor

Honor is obtained by sending gifts to your friends and PvP-ing:

There are 3 Types of Gifts

You can add random friends via City → Friend → Add tab.
You can add any friend when you view their profile and tap Follow.

  • Under My Follow, you can send Greeting or Fancy Gift.
  • When you stroke people
    • You get 40 Honor Points
    • You get 10 Bond Points with that Friend.
    • You may only stroke 6 people per day
  • Under My Follow, you can send Greeting or Fancy Gift.
    • You get 300 Honor Points
    • You get 50 Bond Points with that Friend.
    • When you send a Fancy Gift Icy Rose Gift to a Friend (Costs 50 gems)
    • You may send and collect only ONCE a day.
  • When you send a Fancy Gift Eternal Rose Gift to a Friend (Costs 500 gems)
    • You get 500 Honor Points
    • You get 300 Bond Points with that Friend.
    • You may send and collect only ONCE a day.

Fancy Gift Icy Rose has the best value to unlock Skills. PvP nets you only 5 honor per fight. A single Icy Rose gift nets you 300!

Daily Tasks

This is the bulk of your character growth. Each task has an icon representing its reward and adds Activity Points. Once you reach 100 Activity Points, you get the largest reward of the day.

Strategy: If you don’t want to spend Gems on Accelerates, it’s possible to reach 100 Activity Points without doing the Accelerates Task. Just do everything else on the list:

  • Sign-In
  • Smelt 20 gears
  • PvP 3 Times
  • Raid Map 3 Times
  • Accelerate 3 Times
  • Forge 1 Item
  • Defeat MVP 3 times
  • Refine 1 Item
  • Gift 1 Friend
  • Accelerate 3 Times
  • Explore 2 Times

EXP Gaining

Strategy: Maximize Accelerates:

    • Accelerate at the highest Map you can reach. You get more XP at higher ranks.
    • Sometimes using Accelerates are useful if you really close to beating the Map Boss. You get a 10% damage boost from Accelerate


There are a few types of upgrading that you can do for your character.
Equipment Refining
• Equipment refining should be maxed out to your level whenever possible
• Every 10 level, you will be required to “unlock” your refining to upgrade past using Phracon and MVP resources

• Gems slotting and upgrading
    • Gems can be upgraded to next level with the same gem *3
• Gems can be removed from the gear whenever necessary without any requirement

• Skill upgrading
    • Skills upgrade are to the Slot and not the skill itself

MVP Strategy

Jakk 4-5*:
Berserk -> Stun -> Double Strafe – Element stun (e.g. Stone Curse.)
Be around 70k power for 5* Jakk defeat.

King Goblin 4-5*:
Provoke -> Sleep Bolt -> Double Strafe-> Stun.
Be around 115-122k power for King Goblin 5*.

Angeling 4*:
Berserk ->Sleep Bolt – > Double Strafe ->Stun
Be at least around 155k above for 4* Angeling

Angeling 5* 189k pow
Provoke ->Sleep Bolt(cancel counter) ->stun(cancel awaken) >Double Strafe
Be at least 189k power above for 5* Angeling

Deviling 1-4* 264k (2nd Job)
Berserk II -> Sleep Bolt I -> Double Strafe -> Power Arrow II

Deviling 5* 278k (2nd Job)

GTB 1* – 4* 280k (2nd Job)
Berserk II -> Sleep Bolt I -> Double Strafe -> Power Arrow II ASPD 1700

PVP Strategy

Always start your pvp earlier when you first come in
• The pvp opponents will then be around your power rating.
• Clear the first 2 when you feel confident to beat them
• The one after them will become around your power or higher
• Level and get your power rating up a little till your over their power
• Continue the steps till you defeat all 5 in 1 ticket

To find out

Skills and skills level
2nd Job & Rebirth information here on new page (so it doesn’t get too dense here!)

Links to external guides and references

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  • Kryldost#1

    September 18, 2017

    Hello, my main concern which doesnt seem to be covered anywhere is how the points of team battled are calculated! Tried googling in, tried asking sround in game but it seems like a complete mystery. We get thrown in this yet we are not highly informed, have you figured out somethinf we haven’t? I hope you will be able to cover such question as I’m sure I am not the only one wondering.

    • Gamersaur#2

      September 20, 2017

      I haven’t checked about it yet, but it should be calcualted by the map stages

    • ChaoticFlame#3

      September 20, 2017

      Team battle points calculated from the Map Boss. not sure how to calculate it, but everytime i beat the boss, i got the point. That’s what i know…

  • Mark#4

    September 19, 2017

    How to lessen the casting time of skills?

    • Gamersaur#5

      September 20, 2017

      Artifact or pets that has cast time


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