Smash of Dynasty soft launch in SEA Region


Smash of Dynasty soft launches in Singapore, and other SEA countries

Smash of Dynasty (S.O.D) is currently available on both Google Play and App Store in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. With the releast of the mobile game in the SEA region, they have prepared some wonderful events for the new players. More information of the events can be found below.

 Who can rule Southeast Asia? It’s your turn!

With 0ver 200 legendary generals along with fascinating character skills and variety of interactive battle. You will find your destiny in the journey of an epic quest!

Smash of Dynasty

 Global PK
Players from all over the world are in the common server! Defend your honor and show your real power in S.O.D. The game play would definitely appeal to players who love SLGs, however the gameplay might  be a little off for other people who plays mobile game. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth to try it out, who knows you might just be in love with this genre of mobile game!

Best events for newbie
 1.      Daily login rewards are for you.

2.      Newbie Package for 7 days

3.      Don’t miss first Top-Up Pack within 5 stars Hero Zhaoyun.

4.      Double recharge bonus to all.

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